Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions for the Villa Meriades Agiokampos

Based on regulation by law ν. 1652/30-10-1986 between Villa's Manager and tenants.

  • The Villa requires an advance payment equal to 50% payable to guarantee space.
  • Cancellations :50% refund up to 2 months before arrival
  • Prices quoted include VAT government taxes at the present rate. Should these rates alter, Villa Meriades reserves the right to adjust its’ prices and the regulations.
  • In case of an early departure, each participant will be charged for the entire stay.
  • No smoking
  • Prohibited strictly all alterations in Villa Meriades
  • Prohibited strictly all guests in Villa Meriades and in all places ( e.t.c for coffe, Bbq, relax or walk). Based on law regulation of 51 (2) (KDP 192/85)
  • Prohibited strictly all the parties and events in Villa Meriades area.
  • The renter of the villa shall be responsible in full for any damage to equipment of the Villa’s, due to him or any other person who is responsible the customer (glass or porcelain fracture types, washbasins etc. Damage to furniture, carpets , clothing, etc.) The renter of villas shall to compensate the Owner , ) under the law regulation of rule 63 (2), (KDP 192/85)
  • The Owner of Villa, will not be liable for any damage to vehicles or any property situated in them while they are parked in the Villa courtyard. (Law 28/85, Article 14 (7)).
  • The Owner of Villa, will not be liable for loss of money or valuables that belong to renter, such is not responsible for any loss of the key. (Charged to the renter 20€)
  • The deliberate or not using the key card, charged to the renter at a cost of 50 € per day
  • The owner reserves the right, at any time when necessary to enter the villa for any kind of preventive controls for example ( electrical, leakage and other damage that may arisen )
  • In case you want to come an additional person except of the initial booking to accommodate, you should inform the responsible of the villa a day before, please state their data and complete the payment for the stay at the arrival.
  • Ensure safe operation of all electrical equipment.
  • Pets allowed on request approval is mandatory
  • Discreet respect of the quite hours established.(After 23:00pm)
  • 24hr CCTV surveilance system for your safety.
  • In case of violation of the present regulations the client or the Owner of Villa Meriades may, if necessary, contact the Tourist Police or the absence thereof, by the Police Stations Principles, which are required to offer any legal assistance and to enforce the provisions of the present regulations